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Be one of the people who participated in our research ! We're investigating the power of Meta (ex. Facebook) and Google advertising tools. Help us hold these companies accountable and shape the future of advertising!



In order to better understand which kind of users are visiting our website, we create this survey, including a sociological and a technical part. It is possible to check several answers for some questions in the sociological part, and all questions in the technical part. Data are anonymous and are collected for statistic and research purposes only, and will be published only in academic articles and research papers. We store a small marker that permits us only to know if you already answered the survey. By validating, you accept those terms of use.

Am I Unique ?
This website aims at studying the diversity of browser fingerprints and providing developers with data to help them design good defenses. Contribute to the efforts by viewing your own browser fingerprint or consult the current statistics of data provided by users around the world! If you click on this button.

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