We are hiring! If you are interested to join our lab in Lille to work on web security and privacy, you will find our open positions below! Lille is a city that is extremely well-connected: 1h30 to London, 1h00 to Paris, 1h00 to the CDG airport and 35 minutes to Bruxelles. Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

PhD position in web security and privacy

Topic: Improving online privacy through content blocking and information restriction

Abstract: Since its inception, the web has grown substantially and websites have turned into rich client- side experience customized for the user where third parties supply a considerable amount of content. The increasing reliance on third parties has brought a number of privacy issues to the web with web tracking being at the top of that list. With cookies and browser fingerprinting, users are on the losing side of privacy as they can be tracked across the domains they are visiting. To regain control, browser vendors like Mozilla and Apple have added in their own browsers a tracking protection mechanism (called Enhanced Tracking Protection for Firefox and Intelligent Tracking Protection for Safari) aimed at preventing track- ing on the web. Yet, essential functionality of a website is sometimes so intertwined with tracking code that using these protective mechanisms can transitively “break” a webpage. We define “page breakage” as an undesirable behavior on a webpage and it includes, but is not limited to, page slowdowns, page freezes, page crashes, page errors and page display issues. In order to push online privacy forward, there is a real need today to identify and block properly tracking entities on the web without the current usability costs associated with it.

When: October, 1st 2020 - October, 1st 2023 (3 years)

Where: Spirals team @ INRIA Lille in France

Advisers: Romain Rouvoy and Pierre Laperdrix

Application deadline: May, 1st 2020

Details (PDF)