My browser fingerprint

Are you unique ?

Almost! Only 12 browsers out of the 1306053 observed browsers fingerprints in our entire dataset (<0.01 %) have exactly the same fingerprint as yours.

The following informations reveal your OS, browser, browser version as well as your timezone and preferred language. Moreover, we show the proportion of users sharing the same elements.


All time : 1.88%
30 days : 0.70%


All time : 3.38%
30 days : 0.03%

Version undefined

All time : 3.38%
30 days : 0.03%


All time : 12.50%
30 days : 11.36%


All time : 77.15%
30 days : 82.89%

HTTP headers attributes
AttributeSimilarity ratioValue
All time30 days
User agent<0.01UniqueCCBot/2.0 (
Content encoding0.03%0.03%br,gzip
Content language29.17%41.37%en-US,en;q=0.5
Javascript attributes
AttributeSimilarity ratioValue
All time30 days
User agent12.50%11.36%No JS
Platform12.50%11.36%No JS
Cookies enabled12.50%11.36%No JS
Timezone12.50%11.36%No JS
Content language12.50%11.36%No JS
Canvas12.50%11.36%No JS
List of fonts (JS)12.50%11.36%No JS
Use of Adblock12.50%11.36%
Do Not Track12.50%11.36%No JS
Navigator properties
BuildID12.50%11.36%No JS
Product12.50%11.36%No JS
Product sub12.50%11.36%No JS
Vendor12.50%11.36%No JS
Vendor sub12.50%11.36%No JS
Hardware concurrency12.50%11.36%No JS
Java enabled12.50%11.36%No JS
Device memory12.50%11.36%No JS
List of plugins12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen width12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen height12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen depth12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen available top12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen available Left12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen available Height12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen available width12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen left12.50%11.36%No JS
Screen top12.50%11.36%No JS
Permissions12.50%11.36%No JS
WebGL Vendor12.50%11.36%No JS
WebGL Renderer12.50%11.36%No JS
WebGL Data12.50%11.36%No JS
WebGL Parameters 12.50%11.36%No JS
Use of local storage12.50%11.36%No JS
Use of session storage12.50%11.36%No JS
Use of IndexedDB 12.50%11.36%No JS
Audio formats12.50%11.36%No JS
Audio context12.50%11.36%No JS
Frequency analyser12.50%11.36%No JS
Audio data12.49%11.36%No JS
Video formats12.49%11.36%No JS
Media devices12.49%11.36%No JS
Accelerometer12.49%11.36%No JS
Gyroscope12.49%11.36%No JS
Proximity sensor12.49%11.36%No JS
Keyboard layout12.49%11.36%No JS
Battery12.49%11.36%No JS
Connection12.49%11.36%No JS
key12.49%11.36%No JS
Location bar12.49%11.36%No JS
Menu bar
Personal bar12.49%11.36%No JS
Status bar12.49%11.36%No JS
Tool bar12.49%11.36%No JS
Result state12.49%11.36%No JS
List of fonts (Flash)12.49%11.36%No JS
Screen resolution (Flash)12.49%11.36%No JS
Language (Flash)12.49%11.36%No JS
Platform (Flash)12.49%11.36%No JS